Since starting work at Google, I've formed a deep appreciation for the number of high quality talks we have access to here (both technical and not). Reading code and documentation is pretty much unavoidable when you're a developer, but you really can't beat hearing directly from the expert's mouth on topics that you're interested in.

Last Wednesday, 5 Chromium experts gave mini tech talks on subjects ranging from the network stack to hacking on WebKit. Armed with 2 video cameras, a microphone, and a whiteboard, we did the best we could to capture these talks and make them available to Chromium developers around the world. Whether you're a seasoned Chromium contributor or just getting started, I think these videos have a lot to offer.

Here's a rundown of the videos:

Darin Fisher talking about Chromium's multi-process architecture
Brett Wilson talking about the various layers of Chromium
Dimitri Glazkov talking about hacking on WebKit
Ben Goodger talking about Views (and how to write good tests for them)
Wan-Teh Chang and Eric Roman talking about Chromium's network stack (and its history)

I hope these are just the first of many tech talks we can offer to you, the Chromium community.