Today, we shared with the open source community an early version of O3D, a new shader-based API for 3D graphics in the browser. We are excited about this release: we believe that a 3D API for the web will  allow web developers to create powerful, immersive 3D apps, that are comparable to the experience offered by client applications and game consoles. This will make the web better, not to mention more fun! 

O3D is still at an early stage and is not a part of the Chromium code base. However, we hope that, combined with projects like Mozilla's Canvas 3D, it will encourage the discussion within the graphics and web communities about a new open web standard on 3D graphics for the web. With JavaScript (and browsers) becoming faster every day, we believe it is the right time for such a standard to emerge. To help you participate in this broader discussion, Google has created a forum where you can submit suggestions on what features a 3D API for the web should have. 

If you are interested to learn more about O3D, you can visit us at

A video of the O3D Beach Demo