The seven days since our beta launch have been busy and exciting for the Google Chrome Extensions team.

Besides having fun trying out some of the 800+ new extensions in our gallery, we hosted an event for developers on our Mountain View campus to discuss the design principles of the Google Chrome's extensions system and to present the team's roadmap. Approximately 140 developers attended, representing more than 50 companies. Aaron Boodman and Erik Kay, technical leads for the extensions platform, provided insights across several topics, including the UI design and the security model for the extensions system. They also demonstrated the platform's flexibility by building and publishing an "Email this page" extension in less than 5 minutes.

Aaron and Erik were joined on stage by the Xmarks, eBay and Google Translate teams, who discussed their own experiences with Google Chrome Extensions, highlighting the ease of development and the advanced capabilities that HTML5 provides to extension developers. Finally, Nick Baum, product manager for Google Chrome Extensions, closed the event by walking through the extensions gallery approval process, tips for successful extensions, as well as the team's near-term goals.

To learn more on these topics you can check out the videos from the event below:

We also met many extensions developers last week at Add-on Con, an annual conference for browser add-ons. Erik and Aaron presented a quick overview of the extension system's design for those who had missed our earlier event. In addition, Aaron shared his thoughts on a panel about cross-browser extension development while Linus Upson, Google's engineering lead for client products, presented his views on a panel about the future of the browser.

We'd like to thank developers for building and uploading some great extensions in our gallery and for giving us plenty of feedback. This week, we plan to continue our discussions with the developer community by hosting several online tutorial sessions. You can still sign up for one of these sessions, but if you aren't able to attend, we encourage you to submit your questions through our discussion group.