Since our launch last December, all of us on the Google Chrome Extensions team have been excited to see a steady stream of new developers trying out our platform. Besides reading our documentation, Twitter account and our blog posts, a great way for an interested developer to get up to speed has been to participate in the extensions community. For example, in our discussion group, experienced developers often provide advice and answer questions for those working on their first extensions.

We wanted to take this community knowledge sharing process a step further. We reached out to our friends at Aviary, Zemanta, Web of Trust and Glue and had them discuss their experiences with Chrome extensions on camera. In the videos below, you’ll learn some of the innovative approaches developers from these companies used to create their extensions. You’ll also hear about the technical challenges they faced, the techniques they used to make their extensions more popular, and some of their upcoming plans:

We’re sure that these short videos did not answer all the questions you have, so if you’re attending the Google I/O conference on May 19th, make sure to stop by the sandbox area and meet the Zemanta, Aviary, Web of Trust and Glue teams in person. They’ll be happy to share the benefit of their experiences with anyone looking to write a Google Chrome extension. If you can’t attend, make sure to get involved with the community and we’ll get you on your way to making an excellent Google Chrome extension.