Google I/O recap

If you missed the Day 1 keynote this year, it was all about the open web. There were some amazing demos from Mugtug, TweetDeck, Adobe, and Sports Illustrated demonstrating the full potential of HTML5. There was a preview of WebM/VP8, a high-quality, open, and web-optimized video format. We saw the announcement of the Chrome Web Store, which later this year will provide a new and exciting channel for developers to distribute their web apps and reach new users. We also launched the Google Font API, which allows you to add high-quality web fonts to any web page. Lastly, there were all of the great Chrome sessions. Videos have been posted on the Google I/O website:
What's new for developers in Google Chrome?

The Google Chrome Dev channel is now up to 6.0.422.0. It includes a bunch of new features to think about when developing your apps:
In addition to the above, there are new experimental extension APIs:
You can try out these features by launching a Dev-channel version of Google Chrome with the --enable-experimental-extension-apis flag and adding the ‘experimental’ permission in your manifest.json file. Please keep in mind that these features are still under development and are not 100% stable yet.

Upcoming developer events

For those of you based in New York, there’s an upcoming Chrome Extensions hackathon in our local office on June 10, 2010. We also have a five day DevFest starting June 28, 2010 in Sydney, Australia. Google Chrome will be featured on Wednesday, June 30. Stay tuned for more details!

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