We think HTML5 will make your work more engaging and create a faster, more responsive experience for your users, so we're happy to add today a slew of new content to html5rocks.com.

If you want to not only get up to speed, but understand the browser differences and techniques for a robust implementation, please take a look through the new guides for implementing HTML5 video, understanding "offline," auditing your webapp with the Chrome developer tools, and using web workers and @font-face. You can now comment about your experiences with these features and stay up to date on new content via our new RSS feed.

We're also sharing the new HTML5 Studio, a collection of samples of these features in use, with code you can learn from and hack on.

If you'd like to contribute code, guides, or samples, please get in touch on the bug tracker or on @ChromiumDev. We'd love to incorporate your work.