A few months ago, we introduced Non-Admin Google Chrome Frame on the developer channel for testing. We deployed it to the beta channel two weeks ago and we are now bringing Non-Admin to the stable channel. Head over here to install it and let us know how it goes.

If you have installed the developer or beta channel version and wish to switch to the stable version, you'll need to uninstall Chrome Frame and then install via the above link. Note that the uninstall experience is smoothest if you close all Internet Explorer windows prior to uninstalling Chrome Frame.

In addition to Non-Admin Chrome Frame moving to the stable channel, we are rolling out a change to the default Chrome Frame installer; it will now run at Admin level by default and will fall back to Non-Admin mode if the user does not have the necessary permissions on their machine. This will allow all users to download a single installer that just works. This installer is available at the Chrome Frame download page.

As always, we welcome discussions in the Chrome Frame Google group and bug reports on Chromium’s issue tracker.