Today we are releasing version 7 of the V8 Benchmark Suite. This new version adds Oliver Hunt’s 2D Navier-Stokes fluid dynamic simulation, which stresses intense double array computations. These complex double array computations are today common in games, graphic and scientific applications.

The new test shows the recent improvements V8 has made in handling advanced physics computations: the current Chrome 18 (today in beta) delivers a 5% score improvement compared to the current Chrome 17. Chrome 19 (today in canary), where the full set of improvements is being released, delivers a whopping 25% score improvement compared to Chrome 17.

With these additions, the V8 Benchmark Suite is now a more comprehensive collection of eight tests, including OS kernel simulation, crypto and string operations, memory management stress-tests, and as of today, double array computations.

We plan to keep updating the suite by adding more tests. These updates are a reflection of Chrome’s commitment to keep pushing the boundaries of speed, optimizing the engine for today’s more demanding web apps.