As Chrome Web Store apps and extensions have become more popular, users have been generating a large amount of reviews and feedback for developers. Until now, there was no way to separate a user’s review of an app’s features and quality from developer-focused feedback, such as the reporting of bugs, feature requests, and general questions.

To improve the feedback loop between developers and users, we’ve added a new way to get feedback directly from your users:

This feature provides a clean separation between reporting bugs and compatibility issues to developers and the rating / comments users can leave in the store relating to the functionality and usefulness of a given app. The contents of the feedback forum are publicly visible to everyone, which helps to cut down on duplicate issue reporting.

Turning the Feedback Feature On

In order to enable this feature for your store items, go to your developer dashboard and click on the “Edit your User Feedback preferences” option (highlighted below):

Engaging With Your Users

You should encourage your app’s users to engage with you via the new feedback feature by placing links to your app’s feedback page directly on your site after you’ve activated it. To do so, use the url format “”. Doing so will increase the likelihood that users will discover the feature and reinforce the idea that you actively support it.

We hope that this new feature will give users a better experience in reporting issues, requesting new features, and asking questions. Similarly, developers will now have a much easier forum to use to have an ongoing social conversation about their products.

If you have any questions about this new feature, you can reach us on our developer forum.