During these last few weeks, the Chrome Web Store team has been focused on launching the store in more countries and building some new features for developers that can help them reach and engage with more users.

New Countries 

We recently launched the Chrome Web Store in six additional countries: Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. This means that developers can now distribute and sell their apps to millions of additional potential users.

To be successful in these new markets, we highly recommend localizing your apps in as many languages as possible. This will make them more accessible to users around the world, and more likely to be promoted in the 42 countries the store is available in.

New Offline Apps Collection

To recognize developers who have made their apps work offline - and help users find them - we created a special collection just to highlight them in the store.

If you are a developer, getting your app listed in this collection is as simple as adding the offline_enabled flag to your app’s manifest file (note: to avoid negative user feedback, please ensure that your app does indeed work well offline before you do this).

Better Information in the Developer Dashboard 

One of the common requests we’ve received from developers, is that they’d like better insight into how well their apps are doing in the store. Many of you would especially like to know how many times your apps and extensions are being viewed vs. how many installations are occurring.

To help you with your data needs, we’ve created a new graph view to help you understand the performance of your apps. To make this data more accessible, you can easily download it as a CSV file. Currently, we provide 90 days of history information.

In the near future, we plan to further refine this feature - for example, we may increase the historical period for which data is available and add other features to help you understand how your apps are being adopted.

If you have any questions about these new features, you can reach us on our developer forum.