Today’s Chrome Beta release includes two new APIs: the getUserMedia API and the Gamepad Javascript API.

The getUserMedia API lets users grant web apps access to their camera and microphone without a plug-in. This is the first step in enabling high quality video and audio communication as part of WebRTC, a powerful new real-time communications standard for the open web platform.

In addition, getUserMedia can be combined with other platform features like CSS filters and WebGL to render effects as the <video> is captured. For example, you can rotate the video and add hipstery filters, play a xylophone with motion detection, try on glasses with face detection, and step into a photobooth with crazy effects like “Snow” and “Fire.” Follow WebRTC on Google+ for the occasional awesome demo update, and check out the video below for an in depth discussion of WebRTC at Google I/O.

The Gamepad Javascript API helps developers access input from any standard gamepad connected to the user’s machine, creating a richer gameplay experience with these controllers. Gamepad access was made available for NaCl in May, and since its introduction has enabled awesome games like AirMech. We’re excited to see what developers will create in JavaScript.