To publish an app in the Chrome Web Store, developers need to prove they own the domain that hosts their application. Until recently, the only way to do this was through Google’s Webmaster Tools. Today, we are simplifying the process further by allowing you use Google's site verification service to prove your association with a verified site.

Suppose you want to publish an app on the Chrome Web Store and have it associated with your company’s existing site, but you don’t have the ability to use any of the current verification methods e.g. you’re not allowed to upload a verification file to the root directory. The site verification service option in the edit page for each item listed in your Chrome Web Store developer dashboard allows you to request association of your app with your organization’s site:

When you choose an existing site from the drop-down menu or click “Add a new site”, the current registered owner for the site will receive a notification of your request to be associated. The owner can see who is making the request, and then approve or deny the request appropriately. That’s all there is to it! (Note: if this checkbox isn’t available, it may be because there’s no current owner of the site or you already have an outstanding association request).

We hope that this new feature will further streamline the process for publishing new apps on the Chrome Web Store, and allows you to focus more on developing your app and less on process. Have any questions or comments about using Google’s site verification service? You can reach us on our developer forum for store-related questions or head on over to the Webmaster Help forum.