As web developers, it’s important to stay up to date about the evolution of the web. A few months ago we started a simple dashboard on to track new feature development within Blink. It’s become a valuable tool for us, so today we’re excited to introduce the first iteration of a new, easier-to-use version.

The dashboard is designed to encourage transparency and to consolidate web platform feature tracking. For each feature, it shows useful details such as:
  • A short description and owner email address
  • Implementation status in Chromium
  • Progress through the standards process
  • Our understanding of the opinion of other browser vendors
Values are associated with a shade of red, yellow, or green based on how they affect the likelihood that a feature will ship in other browsers. For example, the entry for CSS Flexbox is entirely green, indicating that the spec is stable and publicly endorsed by other browser vendors. In general, we like to see a lot of green because it indicates that we’re minimizing compatibility risk and preserving the interoperability that makes the web platform so powerful.

This is the first iteration of the new version, and we plan to explore different ways of exposing the data, including a better aggregate view. If you’re curious, the code is available on Github. We used a new framework called Polymer, which is built on the emerging Web Components standards. Although Polymer is in early development, we decided this was a perfect place to experiment with it.

We’ve had a few external contributions to the original site and would love more help. To get involved with either content curation or coding, please submit this form or a pull request. We’d love your help. If you’d just like to stay up to date, subscribe to the site’s firehose RSS feed or the filtered feeds for specific types of features. Go web!

Posted by Eric Bidelman, Developer Programs Engineer and Web Platform Correspondent