Migrate Your Legacy Packaged Apps to Chrome Apps

Monday, June 30, 2014

In 2010, we created packaged apps to fill a missing link between extensions and hosted apps. They look the same as a hosted app to the user, but under the covers, they are more like traditional extensions. Over time, we realized that a clearer separation between the Chrome browser and apps was necessary, both for security reasons and to conform to user expectations. We launched the next generation of Chrome Apps, a new version of packaged apps, last year to address those issues, and today we're announcing the deprecation of legacy packaged apps.

Starting today, no new legacy packaged apps can be published in the Chrome Web Store. In December, all existing legacy packaged app listings will be removed from Chrome Web Store’s search and browse functions. Existing legacy packaged apps can be updated until Chrome stops loading them in June of 2015. Nothing will change for hosted apps or new packaged apps.

Developers are strongly encouraged to migrate their legacy packaged apps to either Chrome Apps or extensions. To get started, check out our migration tutorial, and contact us on the chromium-apps forum or our G+ page with any questions.

Posted by Amanda Bishop, Product Manager

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