Hundreds of millions play games on the web everyday - including most of us on the Chrome team. Between building new virtual cities and slaying dragons, we’re also working on making the web a better platform for game developers. With GDC about to start, we wanted to give you a quick update on these efforts.

First, we’re collaborating with all browser vendors to give you access to exciting new HTML5 APIs such as Gamepad, Mouse Lock and Fullscreen. These can help you create more immersive experiences for your users.

Second, Native Client continues to gain momentum. Today, the BlitzTech Gaming engine and the Havok Physics Engine announced support for Native Client, enriching an ecosystem that includes Unity, Moai, Bullet and other leading middleware providers. Already many game developers have been using NaCl to bring their games to Chrome’s hundreds of millions of users including brand new titles from Ubisoft, Carbon Games, Spacetime Studios, FuzzyCube Software, Klei Entertainment and Fire Hose Games.

Third, we’re working closely with other teams at Google to improve and simplify distribution and monetization for game developers. All games in the Chrome Web Store now have access to an improved In-App Payments solution that includes support for more currencies and an optimized payment flow. This includes all Google+ games that will soon be listed in the store.

To learn more on how you can also benefit from the emergence of the browser as a game platform, visit us at And if you are attending GDC this week, come and say hi.